Best Dedicated Forestry Mulcher of 2023: the GT-200 Forestry Mulcher by Gyro-Trac
Redefining Forestry Mulching: The GT-200's Answer to Age-Old Challenges In the rugged terrain of forestry mulching, every day brings its own set of hurdles. The weight of hauling hefty machinery, the solitude of working solo, and the relentless pursuit of...
Gyro-Trac GT-200: Your Solution to Tackling Tough Wood
Gyro-Trac's Dedicated Mulchers, like the GT-200, are capable of handling even the toughest wood, such as the invasive juniper trees found in Arizona. In a video featuring Francois Gaudreault from Gyro-Trac, he demonstrates how the GT-200 can quickly and efficiently grind down juniper trees, leaving only wood chips behind.