Gyro-Trac GT-200: Your Solution to Tackling Tough Wood

The All New GT-200 from Gyro-Trac is the Dedicated Mulcher That Can Handle the Toughest Wood 

Are you struggling to clear out tougher wood like juniper trees in Arizona? You're not alone! Junipers are known to be invasive and can quickly take over an area, making it difficult to maintain. But, worry not, because Gyro-Trac has got your back with their Dedicated Mulchers like the GT-200!

In this quick video, Francois Gaudreault from Gyro-Trac demonstrates how the GT-200 can make quick work of the juniper trees found in Peach Springs, Arizona. As Francois mentions in the video, junipers can be very difficult to cut due to their toughness, but the GT-200 mulcher can still get the job done with ease.


Gyro-Trac mulchers are known for their efficiency and ability to clear out even the toughest wood, making them an excellent choice for any land clearing project. The GT-200 mulcher is specifically designed to tackle harder wood, making it the perfect solution for removing invasive species like junipers in Arizona.

Don't let tougher wood like junipers hold you back from maintaining your land! With Gyro-Trac's Dedicated Mulchers like the GT-200, you can make quick work of even the toughest wood.

Contact Gyro-Trac today to learn more about their mulchers and how they can help you tackle your land clearing needs.


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