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COMPACT-THOR Baling Grinder

Redefining Bulk Waste Shredding & Recycling

The Compact-Thor is a purpose built machine specifically designed to shred bulky industrial, construction and municipal waste into environmentally friendly bales.

Discover The Baling Grinder

Shred, reduce volume, save money and preserve resources!

Gyro-Trac’s Compact-Thor is a leading piece of equipment in the environmental debris shredding industry. Quickly and efficient shred waste into convenient bales that are less cumbersome to deal with than loose mulch and can easily be moved by smaller equipment.

Waste Processing Made Easy-

  • Construction & Demolition Waste
  • Household Garbage & Municipal Waste
  • Rubber & Plastic Reduction
  • Wood, Timber and Building Material
  • and more!

The Advantage Of The Gyro-Trac Compact-Thor Environmental Shredder

With the advent of the Compact-Thor, Gyro-Trac once again disrupted an industry, this time by increasing productivity, saving fuel and man-power and the biggest benefit of all…the Compact-Thor is mobile! Along with an easier to transport piece of equipment, the end product is a time and space saving bale. Easily clear demolition sites, environmental clean-up areas or bulk recycling applications while leaving easy to move bales of refuse. The Compact-Thor can effortlessly reduce full container loads of debris into a handful of bales.

Industrial Waste Shredding In A Mobile Application

COMPACT-THOR Baling Grinder

Features & Specs

COMPACT-THOR’s patented shredding, compacting and baling process is not just a game-changer, it is disrupting the entire environmental disposal industry with THE BALING GRINDER.

  • Construction & Demolition Waste, Rubber, Tires & Plastic Waste, Household Garbage and Yard Debris Waste, Wood, Trees and Large Timber Waste
  • No more expensive logistics using specialty environmental waste trucks.
  • No more moving loose, shredded environmental waste material to yet another location of loose environmental waste.
  • Think about that. No more converting one pile of waste into just another pile of waste.


Gyro-Trac has re-invented environmental waste disposal!

COMPACT-THOR is a powerful, Baling Grinder that efficiently shreds environmental waste, compacts it, and produces a tight bale that can be stored on site or transported to another storage site using only a basic, low-cost, easy to schedule flatbed trailer.

Built and sold by Gyro-Trac Corporation, Inc., the leading experts in manufacturing environmental mulching machines and cutter-heads since 1998.


    • Weight: 49,100 ibs (22,271 kg)
    • Operating Length: 551 in (14 m)
    • Transport Length:  545 in (13.84 m)
    • Operating Height: 56.75 in (3.98 m)
    • Transport Height: 56.75 in (3.98 m)
    • Operating Width: 147.25 in (3.74 m)
    • Transport Width: 102.5 in (2.6 m)
    •  ENGINE & FUEL 
    • Engine: Cummins QSB 6.7 T4F
    • Horsepower: 260 hp
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 105 gal (400 l)
    • Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 45 gal (170 l)


Rotor Chamber: 36 in x 115 in

Rotor Diameter: 34 in (0.9 m)

Rotor Weight: 4,200 ibs (1,905 kg)

Rotor Speed: 26 rpm’s

No. Rotor Teeth: 22

Rotor Torque: 647,200 ib-in (73,124 nm)

COMPACT-THOR Baling Grinder
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