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GT Podcast Ep 15 feat. Beard Equipment
On this week's episode of the GT Podcast, we'll be speaking to experts from the Beard Equipment company today. They'll explain the importance of their core values, and why customers rated their customer service so highly. Beard Equipment Company Beard...
GT Podcast Episode 14: Sunbelt Ag Expo Recap and the Best Chainsaw Brands
Gyro-Trac's CEO and Founder, Daniel Gaudreault, discusses the Sunbelt Ag Expo, best chainsaw brands, forestry mulching questions, and more on the Gyro-Trac podcast. Tune in now and subscribe for more episodes!
GT Podcast Ep 013
In this episode of everyone's favorite Forestry Mulching Podcast, you'll hear an interview with the owner's son about their new forestry mulching projects. Also, please vote for the chain saw brand you'd want us to work with so that all new machine purchases come standard with a chain saw.
GT Podcast Ep #012

In this episode of the GT Podcast, we hear from Daniel Gaudreault, the CEO of Gyro-Trac, talk about recycling, the environment, and how much energy it really takes to keep it clean.

Daniel Gaudreault is a passionate environmentalist who believes that we all have a responsibility to do our part in preserving the environment for future generations. To this end, he founded Gyro-Trac, an innovative company focused on recycling and waste management solutions.

The Gyro-Trac Mulching Equipment Podcast Episode 11: Choosing a Chain Saw
The CEO of Gyro-Trac recently released the 11th episode of the GT Podcast, in which he urges forestry mulching companies to choose which brand of Chain Saw they'd want to get when purchasing their next forestry mulching machine. The legendary...
GT Podcast EP. 010
INSIDER STORY ABOUT LEGENDARY FORESTRY MULCHER: WALTER OLIVER, owner of Oliver's Bush Hogging from Beaufort, South Carolina   We're pleased to announce the debut of our newest podcast episode, which features long-time customer and forestry mulcher Walter Oliver. For over...
GT Podcast EP 009 featuring special guest, Jesse Rast.
Gyro-Trac's Self-sharpening Cutter-head Teeth Now Available Online. These special self-sharpening teeth are called, Groovy Tooth, and are only available from Gryo-Trac. Instead of wasting up to 45 minutes a day sharpening teeth, this revolutionary forestry mulching tooth does not require sharpening so they save you time and money.
GT Podcast EP 008 feat a Good Friend from John Deere and Sparrow & Kennedy
In this episode of Gyro-Trac's podcast, Daniel Gaudreault interviews a long-time friend and successful John Deere representative. They discuss a little of both Gyro-Trac's and John Deere's history, as well as how the two brands have influenced the forestry mulching & agricultural industries over time.
GT Podcast EP 007
Gyro-Trac Continues to Lead Innovation in Forestry Mulching We Have Not Slowed Down in the Last Two Decades!    We were the first to invent a mulcher in the forestry mulching business. We were again the first when it came...
🎙 🎧 Ep 005 Now Streaming | GT Podcast | Gyro-Trac Forestry Mulching Equipment
Gyro-Trac is an example of how companies can understand the importance of digital content and advances in social media management automation. Hear this week's latest episode with CEO, Daniel Gaudreault, and guest, Digital Marketing Consultant Ryan Baggott on the GT...
GT Podcast EP 04
🎙 🎧 NEW Episode of the GT Podcast is now Streaming Live! Meet a Top Forestry Mulching Sales Expert, Tim Bush, of Gyro-Trac Let's sit down with one of our top sales managers, Tim Bush, to learn about the newest...