700 HF Cutter-head
700 HF Cutter-head
700 HF Cutter-head
700 HF Cutter-head
700 HF Cutter-head

700 HF Cutter-head

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The 700-HF HDM is Gyro- Trac's Largest, Most Powerful Cutter-head, for use on High Horse-power Prime Movers on Wheels or Tracks.


Cutting Width

92 in

229 cm


102 in

259 cm


34 in

86 cm


63 in

160 cm


5,180 lbs

2,355 kg


No. of Teeth



Hyd. Flow up to

120 gpm

454 lpm

Op Pressure up to

6,000 psi

413 Bar


Max (continuous)

43 psi

3 bar


73 psi

5 bar

Gyro-Trac’s SABRE-TOOTH TITAN cutting technology PULVERIZES Wood into Sawdust-like Mulch. The new SABRE-TOOTH design is the NEXT GENERATION of "disruptive technology," improving on Gyro-Trac's Planar tooth.

It begins with a WIDER TOOTH, held in place with a WEDGED FRICTION BLOCK, taking all the force off of the single bolt. THAT'S RIGHT! Only one bolt to quickly and easily replace worn teeth.

The CONTROLLED BITE is now achieved with TWO instead of one control rib under the tooth. The distance between control ribs is wider.

The KNOCK-OUT RELIEF that reduces resistance by allowing the wood chip to curl into the relief, now has a SPLIT BLOCK strategically placed to SPLIT THE CHIP and further REDUCE the size of the wood chip. This new design creates a SELF-CLEANING effect, clearing the tooth for the next bite.


I've used a variety of different cutter-heads and nothing comes close to the GYRO-TRAC!

Brad Duncan

Being in business over 30 years, I know a thing or two about Mulching. GYRO-TRAC's NEXUS system is th best in the business!

Walter Oliver

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