700 HF

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The 700 HF is Gyro-Trac’s Largest, Most Powerful Cutter-head for Heavy Duty Wheeled Loaders and Excavators. The Head can be Front or Top Mounted, depending on your Machine.

With the 700HF, you will cut more wood in less time than with any competitor in its class. PRODUCTIVITY, PERFORMANCE & PROFITABILITY will become the hallmarks of your business. Call for a demonstration today, and experience Gyro-Trac’s Performance Promise with the 700HF Heavy Duty Cutter-head.


Length: 85 Inches (216 cm)
Width: 102 Inches (259 cm)
Height: 63 Inches (160 cm)
Weight: 5180 lbs. (2355 kg)
Hydraulic Motors: (2) Rexroth


Number of Teeth: 30 Fixed
Recommended RPM: 2500
Stroke Pressure: 4000 psi (27579 kPa)
Operating Presure: Up to 6000 psi (41369 kPa)

  • It begins with a WIDER TOOTH, held in place with a WEDGED FRICTION BLOCK, taking all the force off of the single bolt. THAT’S RIGHT! Only one bolt to quickly and easily replace worn teeth.
  • The CONTROLLED BITE is now achieved with TWO instead of one control rib under the tooth.
  • The distance between control ribs is wider.
  • The KNOCK-OUT RELIEF that reduces resistance by allowing the wood chip to curl into the relief, now has a SPLIT BLOCK strategically placed to SPLIT THE CHIP and further REDUCE the size of the wood chip.
  • This new design creates a SELF-CLEANING effect, clearing the tooth for the next bite.

Powerful, Efficient Mulching Cutter-head That Will Out Perform Any Other Cutter-head in its Class
This is the Same Cutter-head Used for the Gyro-Trac GT-35XP, GT-35 and GT-25XP, & GT-25.

- Grind dozens of stumps to the ground in less than half-a-day
- Rapid, quality, low-cost right-of-way maintenance
- Cost effectively cut miles of survey lines or fence lines
- Clear acres of small trees and underbrush in a single day



I've used a variety of different cutter-heads and nothing comes close to the GYRO-TRAC!

Brad Duncan

Being in business over 30 years, I know a thing or two about Mulching. GYRO-TRAC's NEXUS system is th best in the business!

Walter Oliver

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