GEN 1 - GROOVY TOOTH® (Planar style)

GEN 1 - GROOVY TOOTH® (Planar style)

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Self-sharpening Cutter-head Teeth

*Please Note: These teeth are known by many as our "Planar Style" Tooth. Our newer, "High Flow Style" teeth are not available online at this time.

Eliminate the hassle and time-consuming process of starting each day by sharpening your Cutter-head teeth!

  • Keep Your Machine In The Field Longer

  • Mulch More Materiel In A Shorter Time

  • Save Money On Labor Costs

  • Cutter-head Teeth That Virtually Pay For Themselves

Imaging a set of cutter-head teeth you no longer have to sharpen…yes, we said they don’t need sharpening! Our brand new tooth design has revolutionized the industry once again.

Imagine saving over an hour a day by not having to grind and sharpen your Cutter-head teeth!

The patented design includes a self cleaning groove that allows a thinner profile and less material to be used in manufacturing.

The benefit to you? Cutter-head teeth that can go without sharpening for upwards of 60 hours of use.


I've used a variety of different cutter-heads and nothing comes close to the GYRO-TRAC!

Brad Duncan

Being in business over 30 years, I know a thing or two about Mulching. GYRO-TRAC's NEXUS system is th best in the business!

Walter Oliver