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GT Podcast Ep 013
In this episode of everyone's favorite Forestry Mulching Podcast, you'll hear an interview with the owner's son about their new forestry mulching projects. Also, please vote for the chain saw brand you'd want us to work with so that all new machine purchases come standard with a chain saw.
GT Podcast Ep #012

In this episode of the GT Podcast, we hear from Daniel Gaudreault, the CEO of Gyro-Trac, talk about recycling, the environment, and how much energy it really takes to keep it clean.

Daniel Gaudreault is a passionate environmentalist who believes that we all have a responsibility to do our part in preserving the environment for future generations. To this end, he founded Gyro-Trac, an innovative company focused on recycling and waste management solutions.

GT Podcast EP 007
Gyro-Trac Continues to Lead Innovation in Forestry Mulching We Have Not Slowed Down in the Last Two Decades!    We were the first to invent a mulcher in the forestry mulching business. We were again the first when it came...
GT Podcast EP 04
🎙 🎧 NEW Episode of the GT Podcast is now Streaming Live! Meet a Top Forestry Mulching Sales Expert, Tim Bush, of Gyro-Trac Let's sit down with one of our top sales managers, Tim Bush, to learn about the newest...