GT Podcast Ep #012

Yes, we must preserve the environment in order to save the planet... but let's clean it up first!

In this episode of the GT Podcast, we hear from Daniel Gaudreault, the CEO of Gyro-Trac, talk about recycling, the environment, and how much energy it really takes to keep it clean.

Daniel Gaudreault is a passionate environmentalist who believes that we all have a responsibility to do our part in preserving the environment for future generations. To this end, he founded Gyro-Trac, an innovative company focused on recycling and waste management solutions.

One of the biggest challenges facing us today is finding ways to recycle more effectively and efficiently. Daniel points out that it takes a tremendous amount of energy and resources to clean up litter or dispose of old electronics or other waste products - and the sad truth is that much of this ends up just being dumped somewhere... like our oceans.

To combat this issue, Gyro-Trac has been working on developing new technologies that make recycling easier and more environmentally friendly. Tune in for the details and learn more at

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