GT Podcast EP 007

Gyro-Trac Continues to Lead Innovation in Forestry Mulching

We Have Not Slowed Down in the Last Two Decades! 


We were the first to invent a mulcher in the forestry mulching business. We were again the first when it came to creating our app and website, allowing clients to take advantage of DTC buying power. For the first time ever during Black Friday, we offered our self-sharpening Groovy Tooth Cutter-head teeth over the web!

If you're not a Gyro-Trac user but work in the mulching business, check out our website or smartphone app to see if your equipment is compatible with our technology..

Not Another Low-key CEO Anymore

As you watch the latest GT Podcast episode, it's impossible to not be energized listening to Daniel, the founder, talking about his technology. For those don’t know, Gyro-Trac was the company that developed the mulchers that are most commonly used today. Daniel, the owner of Gyro-Trac says that he’s stayed lowkey the last 20 to 25 years…But, Not anymore: "...I’ve found a way now, to get back to where I should have been, for long, long time… Directly connected to the customer."

Daniel continues, "And that's the way I like it. That's why I decided go, and we’re not going to be under the radar anymore.” All of us are excited for what our CEO has in store for 2022 and if you're in the industry, you should be, too!

Gyro-Trac's Got Your Back

It's critical to establish a direct connection with our consumers out in the field. We can help on the spot in most situations if a client ever has a problem because to our NEXUS Service Platform! We have immediate access to all of your machine's essential components.

There's no need to waste your time calling the dealer when you can ask go straight ffrom the manufacturer instead. Don't worry about if we're in a different state either! With our app and website, we can diagnose problems from anywhere in the world! Interested in learning more about us, or do you have any specific questions? Contact us today!

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