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The Beast is Here: the GT 365 Dedicated Forestry Mulcher


It's just simply AMAZING!

Walter Oliver, Oliver's Bush Hogging

Unleash the Beast: Prepare for Fall with the Mighty GT 365

Gear up for the upcoming fall season and tackle the toughest mulching tasks with unrivaled power and efficiency. Introducing the GT 365, the undisputed Beast of mulchers from Gyrotrac.

This formidable machine is ready to dominate any challenge that comes its way, ensuring your business stays ahead of the game.

Harnessing a commanding 365 HP Cummins STAGE V Turbo Diesel engine, the GT 365 exudes unwavering strength and reliability.

Its cutting-edge NEXUS Touch Command & Control system offers real-time, cloud-based connectivity, empowering you to effortlessly monitor, control, troubleshoot, diagnose, communicate, and continuously learn from your mulching operations.

General Specifications
30 Teeth, 92" (229 cm) Cut
Length 246 in (625 cm)
Width 102 in (259 cm)
Height 125.25 in (259 cm)
Weight 37,000 lbs (16,783 kg)
Ground Pressure 4.8 psi (0.33 bar)
Ground Clearance 16.2 in (41.2 cm)
Maximum Speed 3.5 mph

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Discover what sets Gyro-Trac apart and why Walter Oliver confidently relies on its unmatched capabilities