VLOG: “Everything that I asked for on this machine, Gyro-Trac has done." - Walter Oliver

Introducing the GT-16 XP Forestry Mulcher from Gyro-Trac

"Walter Oliver here, Oliver's Bush hogging... just a short time ago, I said I was gonna buy the first 16 off the assembly line, and here it is. I'm very excited for what's going on with the GT-16 XP.

Everything that I asked for on this machine, Gyro-Trac has done. I'm really excited about this machine.

They went ahead and beefed up the bearings on the cotton head. It has a bigger bearing. The trunnion supports, these are beefed up. The backup camera is on all the time. There's just so many modifications that I could go through.

This is the first machine on any manufacturer that truly, I can put it to work exactly when I get it.

Normally, I take in all the... Jokes in my shop is that I get a brand new machine, and I ended up taking a torch to it and modifying the way I need to modify.



I asked them to modify certain things, and they did it exactly. So this is the production machine that's off the assembly line.

So this is how everybody would get this exact same machine. Go to work, and it's ready to work. And one of the things that everybody likes when you're working out in the field, Gyro-Trac has redesigned the fuel tank and took the fuel tank and put it on the back.

Walter Oliver of Oliver's Bush Hogging

You have a fuel tank that takes you over a day. So no more at lunchtime, you have to run back and fill up your fuel. One of the great things about this particular machine over the other machines is it's small in its size and weight, and it fits on a regular truck. This is a 350 single-axle truck, and I can just hook up to it and go with a regular trailer.

There's nothing special to haul it. You have lots of power in a small outfit.

The GT-16 XP is a step above all the skid-steers that are out there that run about 120 horsepower.

So this here is 200 horsepower. It's got the power of a big machine, but yet, we can still hold it around like a small machine, and we don't need any special trucks or equipment or trailers to haul it."

- Walter Oliver, Oliver's Bush Hogging in Beaufort, SC


History of Gyro-Trac:

Originated in the Canadian wilderness in the 1980’s, Gyro-Trac’s HQ has been in Summerville, South Carolina since the mid 1990’s – over 20 years

Gyro-Trac’s have cleared unwanted trees and brush on almost every military base and range in America!

Our machines are also owned by the Dept. of Defense, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish & Wildlife, NASA (Cape Canaveral/Merritt Island,) Bureau of Indian Affairs and more Gyro-Trac’s are owned by state wildlife & forestry agencies all over the USA.

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