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Article: GT Chipper Episode #5

GT Chipper Episode #5

GT Chipper Episode #5

In the world of forestry and land clearing, innovation doesn't come often. But when it does, it has the potential to reshape entire industries.

That's exactly what's happening with Gyro-Trac's revolutionary new brush chipper design, as revealed by CEO Daniel Gaudreault in a recent podcast.

The Problem with Traditional Chippers

For decades, brush chippers have relied on a single-engine, direct-drive system. This design has several limitations:

  1. The engine's full power is directly connected to the chipper drum.
  2. There's no control over the drum's RPM.
  3. Larger logs require bigger chippers with larger drums to achieve the correct cutting angle.

These limitations result in inefficient operation, increased fuel consumption, and the need for multiple machine sizes to handle various log diameters.

Gyro-Trac's Innovative Solution

Gaudreault demonstrated Gyro-Trac's groundbreaking approach using a simple visual aid: a log and his hands. The key to their innovation lies in a dual-drum design:

  1. Two smaller drums work in tandem, each handling one side of the log.
  2. This design allows for efficient chipping of logs of various sizes, from 6 inches up to 15 inches or more.
  3. The engine is "free" from direct connection, allowing for the use of hydraulic power.
  4. RPM can be controlled smoothly, resulting in quieter and more efficient operation.

The Benefits of the New Design

This innovative approach offers several advantages:

  1. Versatility: One machine can handle a wide range of log sizes.
  2. Efficiency: The dual-drum design requires less power to chip logs effectively.
  3. Smooth operation: Controlled RPM eliminates the loud "bang" often heard in traditional chippers.
  4. Potential for smaller engines: The more efficient design may allow for the use of smaller, more fuel-efficient engines.

Years in the Making

Gaudreault revealed that this technology has been in development for years, with a patent dating back to 2017. This long development process underscores the complexity and potential impact of the innovation.

Looking Ahead

As the forestry and land clearing industries face increasing pressure to become more efficient and environmentally friendly, innovations like Gyro-Trac's dual-drum chipper design are poised to play a crucial role. By allowing for more versatile, efficient, and potentially smaller machines, this technology could lead to reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and improved productivity.

While we await more details and real-world performance data, it's clear that Gyro-Trac's new brush chipper design has the potential to be a game-changer in the industry. As always, time and practical application will be the true tests of this promising innovation.

Stay tuned for more updates as Gyro-Trac continues to reveal details about their revolutionary brush chipper technology.

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