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The New 600 HF and 300 HXL Forestry Mulching Cutter-Heads

We are excited to announce the release of two all-new forestry mulching cutter-heads from Gyro-Trac.

The 600 HF is designed to provide unmatched skid steer performance by covering more ground with each pass, even through the toughest debris. 

The 300 HLX is a powerful cutter-head that, at less than 1100 pounds, can take on hydraulic flows of up to 40 GPM. It's unrivaled in its class and designed for use with mini & medium excavators.

Always First... Always the Best!

These two cutter-heads are sure to provide unmatched mulching performance and will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Download the official press release here.

More Information About Gyro-Trac

The new SABRE-TOOTH design from Gyro-Trac pulverizes wood into sawdust-like mulch, and it is a significant improvement over the company's Planar tooth. 

The SABRE-TOOTH has a wider tooth that is held in place with a wedged friction block. This takes all of the force off of the single bolt that secures it, meaning that worn teeth can be replaced quickly and easily.

With the CONTROLLED BITE, your tooth is now controlled by TWO control ribs instead of one. The distance between these two control ribs is wider, giving you greater control over your bite.

The Knock-Out Relief curbs resistance by causing wood chips to curl into the relief. There is now also a Split Block located so that it will cut the chip and reduce its size even more. This new design has a self-cleaning effect which clears the tooth in between bites.

Contact your local dealer today to learn more about these exciting new products!