MESSEK Rubber Tracked Utility Carrier

When you need an industry leading tracked forestry vehicle, look no further than the Gyro-Track MESSEK Utility Carrier.

When you work in forestry, and you need a vehicle that can do just about anything you need it to do (construction or utilities), you find yourself looking for a tracked forestry vehicle. Obviously you want one that has longevity and that comes with excellent customer service.

The MESSEK all-terrain forestry vehicle is adaptable for many jobs. With an inside turning radius of zero degrees and the fully hydrostatic single joystick control, this tracked carrier allows you to get in and out of tight places. It can fit on narrow logging roads and can get under power lines that sit on the edge of a narrow, flat run on the side of a mountain.

The only tracked utility carrier purpose built for forestry and Oil & Gas with a satellite based maintenance system to keep you in the field longer.

Smaller Footprint & Low Ground Pressure
Perfect For Forestry and Land Clearing

Thanks to its rubber tracks and its lighter weight, the MESSEK utility carrier doesn’t damage the work site like larger, steel tracked equipment. It will also save you hours on a job because you won’t have to go back to try to repair any damage which might have occurred as a result of other heavier equipment.

Forestry and site clearing companies who are concerned about the environment and how heavy machinery can damage the ground (by harming the roots of trees and other flora, or digging up streams and creeks), we designed our newest carrier to have a smaller footprint and lower ground pressure.

Best In Class Tracked Forestry Vehicle

The MESSEK small tracked carrier is small enough to fit into some tight places, yet strong enough to do the job of some of the larger machines out there. The powerful Cummins Tier-III turbo diesel engine puts out 160 horses to effortlessly do whatever you put it up to. Whether you use it with the tanker option or use it to string skylines for logging carriers, the MESSEK small tracked carrier is up to the job.

The MESSEK carrier comes with a fully enclosed, low-profile, forward-tilt cab to keep you comfortable while you’re working in all kinds of weather. You can also order the MESSEK carrier with an open cab option.

This amazing tracked forestry vehicle can be used in various situations: to haul tools into the woods, to drag choker lines, or even to help you set up a skyline with a carrier for logging operations. Use the MESSEK to save you from hauling heavy cables up and down hills and through thick underbrush to find stumps for the skyline or get to logs with a heavy choker cable.

Add firefighting equipment for a tracked fire vehicle, or add an aerial lift to get to hard-to-reach utility wires when you can’t get your truck to them.

Diesel Powered Adaptable Tracked Carrier Designed For The Forestry and Oil & Gas Industries.

The MESSEK all-terrain forestry vehicle is adaptable for many jobs. With an inside turning radius of zero degrees and the fully hydrostatic single joystick control, this tracked carrier allows you to get in and out of tight places. It can fit on narrow logging roads and can get under power lines that sit on the edge of a narrow, flat run on the side of a mountain.

Add the optional extra pump for attachments to turn your carrier into a tracked dumper or a fire carrier that carries 750 gallons of water. Add foam and you’ll have the equivalent of 6,000 gallons of firefighting material in a small carrier that can get you over all types of terrain.

Increase your productivity! The NEXUS Platform allows you to keep your Gyro-Trac equipment running trouble free and in the event of an issue, get your machine up and running faster than any other equipment manufacture on the market. Your operators and technicians will be more efficient at their jobs, which means no more missed deadlines and increased profits!

If you are looking for a better alternative to the Yanmar crawler carrier, try Gyro-Trac’s strong, yet compact, forestry crawler.

Customize Your Tracked Carrier Layout

The MESSEK Carrier has many features and is useful across several industries. Whenever you need to get into places where you can’t drive a wheeled vehicle, the MESSEK rubber tracked carrier will do the job.

Rugged and steep terrain is no problem for our small tracked carrier. You’ll find that the MESSEK small tracked carrier is well-built with quality materials to help you complete even the toughest of jobs quickly and efficiently. Add the accessories to create a machine that makes you beat deadlines and do your job with ease.

Additionally, the MESSEK carrier features the NEXUS platform for maintenance. This platform will tell you what is wrong with the vehicle and help you locate the nearest replacement part. It can also tell you when service is required, and even help you to fix a broken part or perform small services such as oil changes and other maintenance.

MESSEK Utility Carrier

Forward Tilt Cab

Features & Specs

  • Powerful, Reliable 160 HP Cumins Tier-III Turbo Diesel
  • Fully Enclosed, Low Profile Forward-tilt Cab
  • Open Cab Option
  • Fully Hydrostatic single joystick control. Inside turning
    radius of zero degrees, Optional Extra Pump for Attachments
  • Various Payload Options (Tanks, Sprayers, Drill Rigs, etc.)
  • 2 Adjustable Suspension Seats, Air Conditioning (Enclosed Cab), Exterior Lights & 12,000 lb. Winch
  • Watertight tub made of highly resistant heat-treated
  • Super Low Ground Pressure Captive Track with six ply nylon and polyester reinforced rubber tracks,
    assembled with heat-treated steel cross-links

THe MESSEK Carrier has a 160 HP diesel engine and 5 ton weight. The MESSEK will provide you with power capable of handling heavy duty jobs with the mobility of small vehicles, all of this transportable on a goose neck trailer! The MESSEK can be outfitted with an EXTRA HYDRAULIC PUMP to operate various attachments and implements such as: Tanks/Reservoirs and Sprayers (including Class A Foam), Dump Bodies, Aerial Lifts, Backhoes, Digger/Derricks, Bush Hogs, Drills, and more.

A Modern Alternative To The Much
Loved Bombardier Muskeg

When you need a forestry crawler that you can rely on, visit our website at Gyro-Trac for more information on the MESSEK utility carrier, the NEXUS Platform, and the accessories available for various industries.

With the NEXUS Platform, the sturdy rubber tracks, enclosed cab, and the ability to add several accessories, you can get all your jobs completed in less time than you could with other carriers. Even if your small tracked carrier requires repairs or regular maintenance, the NEXUS platform will get you back up and running in no time.

Contact us to set up a test drive for our newest model tracked forestry crawler, including the various accessories available.

Customize Your Tracked Carrier With Accessories For Many Industries

  • Add tanks, sprayers, drill rigs, bush hogs, dump bodies, aerial lifts, and other accessories.
  • Keep cool in the summer in the enclosed cab with air conditioning.
  • Work in comfort in the winter with heat.
  • Find your way with exterior lights.
  • Move logs and other bulky items or pull yourself out of a jam with the 12,000-pound winch.
  • The watertight tub made of highly resistant heat-treated steel provides longevity.
  • The super low ground pressure captive track features six-ply nylon and polyester reinforced rubber tracks assembled with heat-treated steel cross-links for less damage to the environment. The tracks don’t leave deep scars on the ground as metal tracks would.
  • Save your back with our comfortable, adjustable seats.
  • The NEXUS Platform: Provides communication, information and fast access to parts for quick diagnosis and repairs.
  • Enjoy Less Downtime: Fast diagnosis via NEXUS Platform, along with information on where to find a part and how to replace it allows you to be up and running in a matter of hours instead of days or even weeks.
  • Proactive Monitoring: The NEXUS Touch command and control technology on your iPad connects you to the Gyro-Trac machine, which then connects the machine to remote experts. The experts are able to connect with the operator to facilitate diagnosis and repair to get you up and running faster than ever.

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