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GT-16 XP Official Walkthrough Video

Official Walkthrough Video: GT-16 XP Forestry Mulcher

Hey guys, my name's Andrew. I'm with Oliver's Bushhogging. Doing an introduction on the new GT 16 XP. There's a lot of different features that have changed. We're going to start with inside the cab. Now they have a tablet. It's all touchscreen, also equipped with Nexus, so you can also come in here and check all your pressures. Once again, Gyro-Trac tried to work for the consumer and not against them. They try to make where you can do your job better. Another thing that they redid, they've redone the cab so they make it roomier. I have some bigger guys that work in the company and they love this machine. It's nice and roomy for them or the seats comfortable. You can adjust the armrest to what best fits the operator's needs. You can store tools, your grinder, things of that nature. It's really great. Nice, convenient way for the tools to be stored.

So here's the head, the 516 head. It's built specially for the GT 16. There's a lot of different features. They have a bigger shaft and bigger bearing, so it can withstand a lot bigger tree. The head is rated for much more horsepower than what actually it's running. With a forestry mulcher, they're in the woods so they're bound to break, unfortunately. No one likes to hear it, but one thing that Gyro-Trac has done is they build everything to withstand the woods. And also whenever the machine does go down, there's Nexus there to help you with whatever parts you need troubleshooting. And 90% of it, you can fix yourself.

We're going to move forward to the push bar. Most of the older machines, the push bars were weak and steadily bent up. Okay. This machine has about 200 hours on it right now. There's not one bend onto the push bar. It's built so much stronger as it's more aerodynamic. It's actually mounted to the machine. There's two points that's on a wider scale of the head where it's actually mounted. The trunnions are built like a bigger machine, but once again, this is a smaller machine application. So it's a much stronger trunnion than the normal GT 16. Also the frame rail, if you look on the majority of the Gyro-Trac machines, this is all clogged up with metal. It's hard clean out the tracks, it's also a paint in the butt to work on. This is all open track system, so that's real nice to work with as well.

This is a Cummins engine. Cummins has done a lot of research on stage five. It's a really good unit. It's a perfect application for Gyro-Trac and Cummins. This is the fuel water separator. It's nice, easy, accessible. You also got your main fuel filter. And then you have your air filter, which everything's easy, accessible for the machine. That's one thing that Gyro-Trac and Cummins came together on designing real well. Depth flow tank does have 15,000 pound wench, 100% self efficient. They mounted the condenser right up against the outside of the machine. So it's not breathing in it's hot air that's produced from the engine. Everything's cooled air from outside. Once again, it's easy accessible. We'll pull this out just so you can see it. You can clean it, you can service it.

So here's your hydraulic tank. Here's your fill for it. Also, this is where your main hydraulic filter is. Once again, it's easily accessible. So this is your fuel tank right here, your fill's up on top. A lot of people were having issues with mainly the bigger machines. If you've ever worked on steep inclines, gravity is not your friend. Fuel runs in the back of the tank. One thing Gyro-Trac has done is they made the fuel tank bigger and they also made it more compact. So whenever you work on steep inclines, you don't run out of fuel. So with the cooling package as well, we're in the heat of the summer in Beaufort, South Carolina. It gets pretty hot up here. I think it's 93 today. This machine hasn't ran over 187 degrees. So this is a great cooling package for the machine.

It's all hydraulic, just push of a button. Once I open this up, I'll kind of show you the inside of it. It also has a safety pin here so it locks down the cab. So whenever you're doing any kind of maintenance in here, it doesn't fall back on you. They have a pan right where I'm standing. I'm not unbolting it because I'm on a job right now, but this pan, you can actually stand up if you're doing any kind of heavy maintenance to this machine. You have a gearbox on 90% of the mulchers. This one does not have a gearbox, so it's a direct drive from the engine to the pumps. You have two solid pumps. One moves the track and one moves the rotor.

A lot of times in the older days you were flying blind. If you had any kind of contaminants, it went through the entire system before it went to the hydraulic tank and got filtered. Now here, before it goes to your head or before it goes to any other side of the machine, it immediately goes through our filter. That's one great advantage of this machine. If you look how maintenance friendly this is, this thing opens up amazingly. Everything is tucked inside the engine compartment. You don't have to worry about wires. Their fuse box is on the inside. With a pressurized cab, you don't have to worry about dust or things of that nature. It's much cleaner than the older design. Lowered the radiator mount so you can have better clearance and also it keeps it cooler.

Gyro-Trac is committed to giving you the freedom of being able to do everything on your own. All parts are here for service and repair or replacement! Gyro-Trac wants to make it where you can have that level of independence, with no worries about climbing inside the machine or underneath it.  


With this new GT 16 XP, it's not your traditional machine. They like to take on bigger projects. This isn't your typical ASV machine, your little skid-steer with a mulcher. This is a dedicated machine on a small footprint that will still fit behind a pickup truck.

Can't find another machine like it.

- Andy, Oliver's Bush Hogging