Why the GT-200 is the Ultimate Easy-to-Haul Dedicated Mulching Machine: Forget Skid Steers, Choose Gyro-Trac!

Considering a skid steer for mulching? Think again!

Dive into the unparalleled efficiency of the GT-200 by Gyro-Trac. Discover why this dedicated mulching machine, with its ease of hauling and powerful performance, is the top choice for professionals.

Why the GT-200 Outshines Skid Steers: The Powerhouse of Dedicated Forestry Mulching Machines

Gyro-Trac, synonymous with innovation in the mulching industry, has raised the stakes with the GT-200. Walter Oliver of Oliver's Bushhogging was thrilled with the first GT-200 off the assembly line, and it's clear why.

Features That Set It Apart

The GT-200 isn't just another mulching machine; it's a reflection of Gyro-Trac's dedication to excellence. From reinforced bearings on the cutter-head to the ever-active backup camera, the GT-200 promises peak performance. Its trunnion supports are fortified, and its myriad enhancements make it a category leader.

A standout feature is the reimagined fuel tank, smartly positioned at the back. This design ensures the machine operates over a day without refueling, removing mid-day fueling hassles.

Compact Design, Mighty Performance

The GT-200's defining trait is its potent performance in a sleek design. Boasting 200 horsepower, it surpasses many market skid-steers that hover around 120 horsepower. Its compactness is its charm. Designed to fit a standard truck, the GT-200 simplifies hauling. Whether it's a 350 single-axle truck or a standard trailer, special equipment isn't necessary to move this powerhouse.

A Tradition of Superiority

Emerging from the Canadian wilderness in the 1980s, Gyro-Trac has been a dominant force in the mulching domain. Stationed in Summerville, South Carolina, they've been industry pioneers for over two decades. By 2006, Gyro-Trac was the global leader in mulching machine manufacturing, capturing a 21% market share amidst nine rivals.

Gyro-Trac machines are celebrated for their adaptability, tackling tasks from forest fire combat to invasive species removal and land beautification. Their groundbreaking "planar" tooth revolutionized the industry, ensuring reduced weight, fuel consumption, and producing finer mulch.

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The GT-200 is a testament to Gyro-Trac's commitment to innovation and quality. Its compact yet powerful design makes it a favorite among industry experts like Walter Oliver. If you're contemplating between a skid steer and a dedicated forestry mulching machine, the GT-200 makes the decision clear: choose dedicated, choose Gyro-Trac.

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