Hart EMC Depends on their Gyro-Trac GT-16 Dedicated Forestry Mulcher

The Gyro-Trac GT-16 Dedicated Forestry Mulcher is a great tool for professionals in the field of forestry and and land clearing


Hart EMC is a private, non-profit company whose purpose is to deliver electricity to its members or customers. As a cooperative, they are required to fulfil two requirements including reinvesting revenue into their service area through stable rates and infrastructure or returning it to members through patronage capital.

Cooperatives are also required to operate using the model of democracy. Hart EMC takes pride in offering electricity to their members and has been doing so since 1938.

Gt-16 XP

What is a Membership Cooperative?

A membership cooperative is a company that is owned by the people it serves. The members of Hart EMC elect the board of directors who set policies that put the members first. Because Hart EMC is owned by the people they serve, their members receive local, personal service from friends and family.

Why Does Hart EMC Need a Dedicated Forestry Mulcher for their Co-op?

For the long-term viability and ultimate success of Hart EMC, efficient and ecologically responsible land clearing procedures are required. To help clear land as efficiently and responsibly as possible, Hart EMC has depended on Gyro-Trac's GT-16 for many years. The GT-16 XP is a dedicated forestry mulcher that can quickly and easily clear land while minimizing impact on the environment. 

The GT-16 has helped Hart EMC clear land for new power lines, roads, and other important infrastructure projects. It has also helped them clear right-of-ways to maintain existing power lines and infrastructure. The GT-16 is an essential piece of equipment for Hart EMC because it helps them clear land quickly and efficiently while minimizing impact on the environment.

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