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Article: Who Makes the Best Skid Steer Mulcher?

Who Makes the Best Skid Steer Mulcher?

Who Makes the Best Skid Steer Mulcher?

This is a common question when it comes to choosing a skid steer mulcher and the answer is easy: Gyro-Trac makes the best skid steer mulcher based on specifications, warranty and customer reviews.

Your choice in choosing the best skid steer mulcher will make a major difference to your daily mulching output, so we know how important it is for you to choose the right one for your business. To answer the question, who makes the best skid steer mulcher, we are going to look at several factors that go into buying this awesome piece of equipment. 

In the case of finding the best skid steer mulching attachment, it all boils down to productivity, making the most profit in the least amount of time. Wouldn’t you agree? 

The most critical factor when choosing the best skid steer mulcher is to find the one that will make you the most money, whether by the sheer volume of material that it can mulch, or from reliability in the field limiting down time, or in labor savings. When you think about these factors (and so many more) Gyro-Trac clearly is the best on the market!

Gyro-Trac's machines and attachments are faster with better productivity. Not only that, they continue to have the quality they’ve always had as the original motorized rotary mulching equipment, with superior features that help you get the job done right. But this isn’t just a sales pitch. Let’s break down the ways Gyro-Trac makes the best skid steer mulcher so you can see for yourself.

A Superior Drum Design

What Is The Best Mulching head For A Skid Steer?

There are several factors that set Gyro-Trac above the competition when it comes to the best mulching attachment head. Gyro-Trac mulchers use patented cutting technology that utilizes a sharp edge knife or a blade, much like an ax, to cut wood into mulch. This is a vast improvement over the carbide tip hammer used by competitors, which acts like a blunt hammer. You can easily imagine which one would work better for mulching trees and vegetation.

The control rib acts like a guard to control the depth of the blade’s cut, limiting the amount of wood it chips in each turn of the drum . This design uses much less energy than the large bite of a cantilever hammer, which gives you large shreds. The spiral pattern of a Gyro-Trac keeps impact to one tooth at a time, further cutting down on energy output while still mulching quickly and effectively.

The spiral also draws material to it with a vacuum effect, cutting down on time. The patented splitter mounted below the blade further shreds material into a smaller size so wood shears away from the drum as it cuts and avoids clogging between the teeth and ribs.

Industry leading Mulcher Cutter Teeth

The self-sharpening Cutter-head teeth allow you to continue working when competitors would have to continually stop for sharpening. These are only some of the many features that make this design an improvement over competitors. We’re happy to show you how the design would work better for you through a product demo.

Overall, Gyro-Trac Cutter-heads are able to mulch more wood faster than competitors. They enable you to increase your output while using less horsepower, reducing your impact on the environment and creating less waste. With the same conditions, Gyro-Trac’s mulching options are able to outperform any competitors of other rotary-drum mulching machine/cutter head combinations.

When Looking For The Best Skid Steer Mulcher, Choose One With Different Model Options to Fit Your Needs

Gyro-Trac offers you more mulching attachments to fit more vehicles than anyone else. This means you’ll be able to find an attachment that fits the vehicle you have or the one you’re planning to get. We have Cutter-heads that attach to skid steers, a boom, tractors and other machinery. You can pick from various sizes, whether you’re trying to fit a mini-excavator, a heavy-duty excavator or any other type of machinery. 

Our Cutter-head options range from the strongest, largest option, the 700 HF, to our 300 BX that gives you plenty of power and productivity for smaller machinery like mini-excavators while being the lightest Cutter-head option available on the market today. Our selection includes:[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner row_type="row" type="full_width" text_align="left" css_animation=""][vc_column_inner width="2/3"][vc_column_text]

  • 700 HF Heavy Duty
  • 500 HDM Large Excavator/Skid Steer
  • 500 HF High Flow
  • 400 HL BMT
  • 400 HL High/Low Flow
  • 300 BX Tractor/Trackhoe
  • Boom Mounted

You can see that we have many options to choose from to fit your needs. If you’re not sure which one would work best for you, you can read more about our types of Cutter-heads on our website or contact us for more information and recommendations. And if you don’t have a skid steer or if you want designated machinery just for mulching, we offer several models of mulching machines in a range of price points as well.

Always Improving to Remain the Best

At Gyro-Trac, we started out as an original and have always cared about creating the best product possible—no copies or inferior products. We stay true to our original mission and continue to come up with ways to improve our products and be the best choice within our area of expertise.

We have industry experts behind our product design and our company. Our machinery is designed by actual forestry professionals who understand how each piece will be used and what you will want to achieve with each one. More than 25 years ago, the Gaudreault brothers designed and built the original motorized rotary mulcher to handle their tough forestry work in Eastern Canada.

To address increased pressure from costs and regulations, they came up with a design to maximize output for their business while protecting the wilderness as much as possible. Gyro-Trac's modern equipment still holds true to this mission.

Gyro-Trac equipment continues to stand apart from the rest with its:

  • design that mulches trees down to flat ground
  • low ground pressure that disperses the machinery’s weight
  • lightness and maneuverability that makes these machines easy to use and transport
  • ability to use less fuel and work longer, saving you money and improving your productivity
  • ability to move easily through harsh and rugged terrain
  • ability to turn plant material into environmentally friendly bio-mass
  • design that maintains soil structures to respect the environment and prevent problems like erosion and runoff pollution
  • elimination of burning, hauling, dumping or chipping debris

Top-Notch Customer Support

Besides the dealer network, there’s only one number you need for tech support. At Gyro-Trac, our team is always ready to help, whether you need tech support for your current machine or accessory, or you’re looking for a quote or an answer to a question before you purchase.

We can even schedule a product demo for you to see exactly what our equipment can do and how it would be the best choice for your needs. If you want to get in touch, simply reach out through our website or by phone.

Self-Sharpening Cutter-head Teeth

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]How do self-sharpening teeth sound? We know you’ve had to spend an hour every day re-sharpening the teeth on your cutter heads to make sure they do the best work for you each and every day. That adds up to five+ hours each week…20+ hours per month. Imagine how much more productive you and your business would be if you could skip that step.

We’ve come up with the way to eliminate re-sharpening. Gain the benefits of our self-sharpening Cutter-head teeth. Each set lasts for almost 100 hours worth of work. Once it's given you its maximum output, simply replace it with another set. They easily pay for themselves through the amount of labor you save and the extra work you can accomplish. These Cutter-heads give you the benefits of mulching more material faster and keeping your machine in use in the field for longer periods of time.

Ready to Gain the Results of a Better Mulcher?

Have we convinced you yet on who makes the best skid steer mulcher? Gyro-Trac's equipment works faster with better productivity, and our patented designs hold true to the quality and usefulness of our original. We continue to build on our original design to ensure we're always able to offer you the best product we possibly can. If you're still not convinced that Gyro-Trac makes the best and you need more info, check out our website or get in touch with your questions. Our team of professionals is always ready to help with superior factory direct customer service.

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