Walter Oliver Showcases the All New GT-16 XP

Introducing the GT-16 XP Forestry Mulcher from Gyro-Trac


Everything that I asked for on this machine, Gyro-Trac has done. I'm really excited about this machine.

History of Gyro-Trac:

Originated in the Canadian wilderness in the 1980’s, Gyro-Trac’s HQ has been in Summerville, South Carolina since the mid 1990’s – over 20 years

Gyro-Trac’s have cleared unwanted trees and brush on almost every military base and range in America!

Our machines are also owned by the Dept. of Defense, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish & Wildlife, NASA (Cape Canaveral/Merritt Island,) Bureau of Indian Affairs and more Gyro-Trac’s are owned by state wildlife & forestry agencies all over the USA. 💻 📲


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