Need a Mulcher for a Skid Steer? Here's What You Need to Know.

Need a Mulcher for a Skid Steer? Here's What You Need to Know.

The Gyro-Trac has been a benchmark in the forestry mulching industry for decades. The manufacturer produces some of the world's best-engineered forestry mulching machines, but they are also well known for their industry-leading forestry mulching cutter-heads. While their specialized equipment is excellent, sometimes a more versatile machine is needed that can do more than simply mulch wood and shrubs. And that friends, is where the skid steer comes in.


A skid steer is a small, maneuverable tractor with a bucket on the front that can be used for loading and moving material. Skid steers are common in the logging and farming industry and their popularity exploded when Gyro-Trac started offering their forestry mulching cutter-heads.


The defining characteristic of a skid steer is that the bucket or other attachment is attached to the machine by two hydraulic booms. The booms allow the operator to move the attachment in any direction, even if the skid steer itself is not facing that direction. This gives the operator greater flexibility in moving material around a worksite.


Attachments for skid steers can include buckets, forks, augers, backhoes, mulchers, and brush cutters. Skid steers are sometimes called "Bobcats" after one of the earliest and most popular brands of this type of tractor.


Top 5 Characteristics of a Solid Skid Steer

There are several alternatives for skid steers on the market, but there are certain features that most individuals feel you should search for. Here are the top 5:

1. Maneuverability - Look for a skid steer with a good turning radius. You'll frequently be working in confined spaces, so the ability to make tight turns is crucial.

2. Power - Make sure the skid steer you select has enough power to handle the attachments you plan to use. forest mulching can be tough work, so you'll need a machine that can handle the demands of the job.


3. Hydraulic Capacity - The key to a good skid steer is quality hydraulics. Choose a machine with plenty of hydraulic power to run your attachments effectively.

4. Durability - Look for a skid steer that's built to last. Forest mulching can be tough on equipment, so you'll want a machine that can stand up to the rigors of the job.

5. Operator Comfort - You'll be spending a lot of time in your skid steer, so make sure it's comfortable. Look for a machine with a spacious cab and good visibility.



Gyro-Trac offers a full line of forestry mulching cutter-heads for skid steers designed for the forestry mulching industry. The 500 HF remains one of the most popular on the market, ever after many years of service. It's a versatile cutter-head that can handle a wide range of materials.

For tougher applications, the 700 HF is a good choice. It's a heavier-duty model designed for larger trees and a denser brush. It's Gyro-Trac's largest and most powerful cutter-head, designed for the biggest and baddest jobs out there.

No matter what your needs are, Gyro-Trac has a cutter-head that will get the job done. And when you combine one of their cutter-heads with the maneuverability and versatility of a skid steer, you've got a recipe for success.

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