John Deere Excavators & the Gyro-Trac Boom-mounted Cutter-head Make a Great Match

The John Deere 85G, Mid-Size Excavator, and the Gyro-Trac Boom-mounted Cutter-head are an excellent match, as is demonstrated by Jesse Rast Enterprises' video.


Gyro-Trac continues to be a leader in Forestry Mulching, and the Gyro-Trac Boom-mounted Cutter-head is one of our most popular products. These forestry mulching cutter-heads have been used for years by forestry mulching businesses across the globe, from small operations to large-scale commercial logging efforts.

In recent years, Gyro-Trac has forged new products that have enabled some of the top brands in agriculture equipment including, John Deere, to manufacture Excavators such as the popular, 85G Mid-Size Excavator models. The John Deere 85G Mid-Size Excavator was created to be extremely adaptable. With the increase in popularity of forestry mulching, this combination of equipment appears to be one of the most recommended set-ups by experts such as Jesse Rast at Jesse Rast Enterprises.

Watch the video to see the Gyro-Trac forestry mulching cutter-head and John Deere excavator in action.

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