GYRO-TRAC's GROOVY TOOTH: Self-sharpening Cutter-head Teeth

If you've done any serious Forestry Mulching work in 2020, you've likely spent time sharpening cutter-head teeth. On average, a smaller operation will spend around 30-45 minutes a day sharpening. While this may seem like it's not that big of a deal... in the mulching business, time is money.

So, to save our Land Clearing and Mulchers both time & money, we created the GROOVY TOOTH self-sharpening Cutter-head Teeth for Skid Steers & Mulching Machines

Gyro-Trac GT-16 XP featuring Groovy Tooth Self-sharpening cutter-head teeth.

Successful Land Clearing & Forestry Mulching Businesses Depend on Top of the Line Forestry Mulching Machines & Cutter-heads.

Ride along with Jesse Rast, an independent heavy equipment Sales Rep out of Cameron, SC as he explains the benefit in even more detail. Jesse has been selling GYRO-TRAC equipment for over 2 years, but with our new GROOVY TOOTH cutter-head teeth, he says that they sell themselves.

Jesse Rast along with his customers in both South Carolina & North Carolina have all been pleased with the results thus far. One of the very best features of these new Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching cutter-head teeth, is they work on other leading brands as well. That said, if your current machine is incompatible, well it may be time to reconsider brands!

Why GYRO-TRAC, Anyway?

1000’s of GYRO-TRAC Forestry Mulching Machines and Cutter-head units are in service around the world with private contractors & governments, earning a very percentage of the market share.

Gyro-Trac’s perform tasks such as: forest fire fighting and pre-fire mitigation (thinning & fire breaks); invasive species elimination (Brazilian Pepper, scrub Palmettos, etc.); railroad, highway, power line, pipeline and other rights of way clearing; land beautification, commercial clearing and post-forestry harvest cleanup.

Gyro-Trac Mulching Machine Gif

Our Lean, Green, Mulching Machines have cleared unwanted trees and brush on almost every military base and range in America Gyro-Trac’s are owned by the Dept. of Defense, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish & Wildlife, NASA (Cape Canaveral/Merritt Island,) Bureau of Indian Affairs and more Gyro-Trac’s are owned by state wildlife & forestry agencies all over the USA - early owners were the state of Florida’s Forestry – mainly for forest fire mitigation and fighting fires.

But What Makes Gyro-Trac the BEST?

Decades ago, competitors moved from rotating / flail-type blades to blunt hammer teeth on drums that smashes wood. This leaves large shreds of wood on the ground that can wick fire and take years to decompose – takes huge HP, weight & fuel … still used by many today. Gyro-Trac’s innovative “planar” tooth set the new standard, and is still in wide use today – uses less weight, less fuel, lower ground pressure, smaller park-like mulch - less total cost for a pile of mulch.

Check out this recent GYRO-TRAC Customer Testimonial Video from Kyle Russell ofR & S Services out of Aiken, SC.


What GYRO-TRAC Customers Are Saying About Self-sharpening Cutter-head Teeth

The GT Mafia Would Rather Work vs Sharpen Teeth All Day

Gyo-Trac Customer, Ryan Bishop of R & D Timber had this to say about our new Self-sharpening Cutter-head teeth for Forestry Mulching:

"At some point you realize that, 'Oh man, my forestry mulching machine's cutter-head teeth are getting dull. You'll realize it quickly because production will start to slow down. And the more a Forestry Mulching Machine's teeth get less sharp, the more bogged down a job can get.

Now, don't get me wrong, the original Saber-tooth cutter-head teeth that Gyro-Trac gave us really good job the entire time. And, uh, you're going to run into situations where you hit something hard and ended up chipping a tooth every now and then. That plus dirt and you've got a real mess considering that you're working with a tool with a serrated edge.

So now to the new model of cutter-head teeth... it's like a knife that turns from a straight edge to a serrated edge and, it works great.

You know, you can continue to run those until they wear out. We've actually gotten 120 hours out of a set on our lower horsepower machine. They, those teeth just absolutely pay for themselves.

To ANY Forestry Mulcher out there, believe me when I say that they are worth worth checking out. You should definitely try them yourself and just see the difference... In my experience, just one set, and you'll be hooked.

Your guys will absolutely hate it: if you ever go back to your, normal steel teeth and those teeth, were great, but they just require more maintenance. For my company out in Beaufort, SC we think it's a no-brainer."

A Word From GYRO-TRAC's Founder

My name is Daniel Gaudreault with Gyro-Trac, I'm the CEO and the founder, 1985.

I'm here to explain to you the Gyro-Trac has always been the first and will be always the first guys. We are the guys. We invented, the mulcher here.

If this sounds like you, fill out the Sale Rep Application Form, and let's talk.



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    I just bought the 500hf and paired it up to a 299d2. What is the best way to sharpen the teeth TIA

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