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Article: Gyro-Trac Customer Spotlight: November 2022

Gyro-Trac Customer Spotlight: November 2022
400 HL

Gyro-Trac Customer Spotlight: November 2022

Meet, Dakota Hollman, owner of Hollmans Outdoor Solutions LLC

Dakota has been a Gyro-Trac customer since the summer of 2021, and has used his Gyro-Trac equipment to help grow his business by offering skid steer forestry mulching, conventional land clearing, rough grading, demo, and dump truck hauling services to customers in the Lexington, SC area.

Dakota first got started in the forestry mulching industry by using an excavator and mulcher to clear land. After switching to a skid steer with a mulching attachment, he quickly noticed an increase in productivity.

Dakota's primary focus is on providing services to residential and commercial customers, including property owners, real estate developers, and construction companies.

What Gyro-Trac Products Does Dakota Have and Why?

Dakota is the proud owner of a Gyro-Trac 400 HL and 500 HF cutter-head. He chose Gyro-Trac equipment for their history of building quality products, affordability, and the unique bite limiter ring design that helps prevent damage to the mulching heads.

One of the biggest benefit of using Gyro-Trac equipment, according to Dakota, is the availability of parts. "Without parts, you can't work or grow," he says. Gyro-Trac's customer service has also been a huge help in keeping his business up and running. 

Dakota praised Gyro-Trac's customer service, saying they have been instrumental in keeping his business running smoothly.

What Advice Does Dakota Have for Beginners?

When asked about his advice for those just getting started with mulching, Dakota recommended starting small and working your way up. He also advised picking quality equipment that will support you when you need it.

Thank you, Dakota, for your continued business and for taking the time to speak with us!

We look forward to seeing great things from Hollmans Outdoor Solutions in the future.


Interested in hiring Dakota for a land clearing job?

See his contact details below.

First Name


Last Name


Business Name

Hollmans Outdoor Solutions LLC 


Service Location 

Lexington, SC


Q & A with Dakota

Gyro-Trac Products His Forestry Mulching Company Currently Uses:

400 HL & 500 HF Cutter-heads

How he got started in the forestry mulching industry:

I first started mulching with my excavator & mulcher. I switched to skid steer mulching in the summer of 21’, & have noticed my productivity increased from doing so. 

His target market:

Residential home & land owners as well as commercial customers 

His main services:

Forestry mulching timber stands, back yards, lots for sale, property lines, shooting lanes, selective tree clearing, wood debris reductions

How has Gyro-Trac helped his grow your business?

Gyrotrac has helped me especially with parts availability, without parts, you can’t work, or grow. Their customer service has kept me up & running to!

What are the biggest benefits of using Gyro-Trac forestry mulching equipment?

The parts are available, & from what I’ve noticed, the mulching heads are cheaper than the other big brand mulchers on the market, but are still built with quality. Implementing the bite limiter ring design on every mulching head is a game changer as well. 

Why did he choose Gyro-Trac forestry mulching equipment over other brands?

Their history of building quality products. Being more affordable than other big brands. Did I mention the bite limiter ring design is a game changer?

What advice does Dakota have for those just getting started with mulching?

Start small, work your way up. I started with a small 400 HL Gyro-trac head & a standard flow TL12 Takeuchi. Pick quality equipment that’ll also support you when you need them

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