Stop Sharpening Your Cutter-head Teeth

Cut to the Chase with Jesse Rast in this Video About Gyro-Trac's Self-Sharpening Teeth 

If you’re a forestry mulching or land clearing company operator, you know the importance of sharp cutter-head teeth. Dull teeth can mean more time spent sharpening them instead of working on your job site.

That’s why Gyro-Trac created their innovative self-sharpening Groovy Tooth Cutter-head teeth

Now, you can get down to business and be more productive with less time spent worrying about the sharpness of your teeth when you switch to self-sharpening teeth.

How do they work? The Groovy Tooth's patented design is self-sharpens when the teeth move against wood material. This process allows the teeth to keep their edge throughout a job without having to stop and sharpen them in between.

Better yet, this self-sharpening technology not only saves you time but also money; because Groovy Tooth Cutter-head teeth are designed to last longer than traditional teeth, and they require fewer replacements over time.

That means that, you don’t have to buy new ones as often and can get more jobs done with fewer interruptions for maintenance down the line. 

Some mulchers get over 100 hours per set!

self-sharpening teeth

Stop wasting your valuable time sharpening the cutter-head teeth after every job and say hello to Gyro-Trac's revolutionary self-sharpening Groovy Tooth Cutter-head teeth!

With this cutting-edge technology, you'll be able to save both time and money while being able to work faster on your forestry mulching or land clearing projects.

Click HERE to purchase a set of Groovy Tooth self-sharpening Cutter-head teeth, direct from Gyro-Trac!

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