The Ultimate Forestry Mulching Machine Walkthrough Video feat the GT-16 XP | Gyro-Trac

Hey guys, I'm Andrew with Oliver's Bush-hogging. Doin' an intro on the new GT-16 XP and there is a lot of different features that have changed over here. We're going to start at inside the cab now they've got this tablet all touchscreen equipped wit Nexus so you can come in here too and check your pressures and gauges anytime at a moment's notice!

The Gyro-Trac team has always tried to work for the consumer and not against them. They've redesigned their cabs so they're roomier—a nice touch that's appreciated by bigger guys who work here or people with more sensitive backs, like many guys in the Forestry Mulching world!

You can adjust the armrest to what best fits the operator's needs. With the tool back located under the floorboard, you can easily store important tools you'll need on your land clearing and forestry work, even larger items like your grinder! Nice, convenient way for the tools to be stored. Gyro-Trac appears to have really thought of everything with this new mulching machine... It's really great.



The 516 Cutter-head is a big boy. Check out all the torque it can handle! And of course, there are some other features that come on this head: bigger shaft and bearing to withstand even more horsepower than what you actually have running in your machine.

It should go without saying that this powerful Cutter-head is absolutely only from Gyro-Trac. The emerging Forestry Mulching technology continues to evolve, but the experts at Gyro-Trac are always ahead of it. With their latest innovation in communication systems for forestry equipment like chippers and saws that face tough conditions day after day, they've taken yet another step forward with NEXUS Service Platform! It's a revolutionary system built data analytics, 2-way communication with the Gyro-Trac Experts, and of course on safety features--no matter where you work or what machine you're using!

When combining all these innovations together: state-of-the art machinery from an industry leader who builds quality into every corner; plus unparalleled NEXUS Service Platform available as soon as your purchase is made -- there's no better choice than Gyro-Trac.