GT Podcast EP 009 featuring special guest, Jesse Rast.

GT Podcast Ep. 009

featuring special guest, Jesse Rast

Gyro-Trac's Self-sharpening Cutter-head Teeth Now Available Online.

These special self-sharpening teeth are called, Groovy Tooth, and are only available from Gryo-Trac. Instead of wasting up to 45 minutes a day sharpening teeth, this revolutionary forestry mulching tooth does not require sharpening so they save you time and money.


The Groovy Tooth self-sharpening cutter-head teeth have cutting-head technology, which allows the tooth to self-sharpen while in use. This saves a lot of time and money for forestry mulching crews out in the field.

The Gyro-Trac Groovy Tooth is a unique forestry mulching innovation. This product is exclusive to Gyro-Trac. The first and only forestry mulching equipment manufacturer to provide this innovative, self-sharpening technology.

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