GT-35 Heavy Duty Mulcher

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With the GT-35 Heavy Duty Mulcher, you will cut more wood in less time than with any competitor in its class. With both Captive Track and Rugged Steel Track options, PRODUCTIVITY, PERFORMANCE & PROFITABILITY will become the hallmarks of your business.

Call for a demonstration today, and experience Gyro-Trac’s Performance Promise with the GT-35 Heavy Duty Mulcher.

  • Powerful, Reliable 310 HP Cummins STAGE V Turbo Diesel
  • NEXUS Touch Command & Control – Real-time, Cloud-based Connectivity: Monitor, Control, Troubleshoot, Diagnose, Communicate and Learn.
  • Low-profile Fully Enclosed Forward-tilt Cab
  • Pressurized Cab w/Comfortable Suspension Seat
  • Best in Class, Patented “Sabre Tooth” Cutting Technology – Pulverizes Wood into Sawdust
  • Patented Spiral Tooth Pattern, Creating Vacuum-like Effect
  • Dual Control Ribs to Control Cutting Bite, with Knockout Relief and Splitter Point to Expel and Refine Mulch
  • Hydraulic Cutter Head Guide Bar Extends to Assist Felling Trees
  • Six Exterior Lights & 15,000 lb. Winch
  • Super Low Ground Pressure Captive Track, or Aggressive & Rugged Steel Track Options

GT-35 Dimensions

Captive Track Dimensions

- Overall Length: 221 in (561 cm)
- Overall Width: 102¼ in ( 260 cm)
- Overall Height: 119 in (302 cm)
- Operating Weight: 23,500 lbs (10,659Kg)
- Ground Pressure: 3.5 psi (.24 bar)
- Ground Clearance: 14½ in (37 cm)
- Maximum Speed: 7.5 mph (12 kmh)

Steel Track Dimensions

- Overall Length: 234 in (594 cm)
- Overall Width: 102¼ in ( 260 cm)
- Overall Height: 119 in (302 cm)
- Operating Weight: 29,500 lbs (13,380Kg)
- Ground Pressure: 3.9 psi (.27 bar)
- Ground Clearance: 14½ in (37 cm)
- Maximum Speed: 3.5 mph (5.63 kmh)

GT-35 Undercarriage

The GT-35 comes standard with NEXUS service module, connected to the world's most advanced cloud-based service platform.

Captive Track

- 4 Tandem, Duel Wheel Carriage Trucks w/Solid Rubber Wheel Combinations
- Total number of Wheels: 16 (8 for each side)
- Belts: 3 Belts, Each Side, 6-Ply Rubber
- Cross Links: 28 in. (71 cm) Heat Treated, 78 per track, 156 Total
- Belt Tensioners: Greased Filled, 4000 psi (27579 kPa)

STEEL Track Dimensions

- Standard Steel Track Assembly, Custom Fit for the GT-35 XP

Engine & Fuel


Cummins STAGE V Turbo Diesel




310 hp @ 2200 RPM


950 ft-lbs @ 1500 RPM


15 gal/hr


97 US gal. (367 liters)


30 TEETH, 92" (229 CM) CUT


102 IN (259 CM)


34 (86 CM)


63 IN (160 CM)


5,180 LBS (2,355 KG)


120 gpm (454 lpm)


6,000 PSI

Steel Constructed Cab

ROPS - Roll Over Protection System

ISO 8082 & CSA B352.0

FOPS - Falling Object Protection System

ISO 8083 & G608

OPS - Operator Protection System

ISO 8084

Forward Tilt Cab Jack

Raised-Cab Electric Pump Motor


Lexan (tm) MR-10




Adjustable suspension with armrests & seatbelt

Gyro-Trac’s SABRE-TOOTH TITAN cutting technology PULVERIZES Wood into Sawdust-like Mulch. The new SABRE-TOOTH design is the NEXT GENERATION of "disruptive technology," improving on Gyro-Trac's Planar tooth.

It begins with a WIDER TOOTH, held in place with a WEDGED FRICTION BLOCK, taking all the force off of the single bolt. THAT'S RIGHT! Only one bolt to quickly and easily replace worn teeth.

The CONTROLLED BITE is now achieved with TWO instead of one control rib under the tooth. The distance between control ribs is wider.

The KNOCK-OUT RELIEF that reduces resistance by allowing the wood chip to curl into the relief, now has a SPLIT BLOCK strategically placed to SPLIT THE CHIP and further REDUCE the size of the wood chip. This new design creates a SELF-CLEANING effect, clearing the tooth for the next bite.


I've used a variety of different cutter-heads and nothing comes close to the GYRO-TRAC!

Brad Duncan

Being in business over 30 years, I know a thing or two about Mulching. GYRO-TRAC's NEXUS system is th best in the business!

Walter Oliver