Walter Oliver – 16 years as a Gyro-Trac Customer

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“[Gyro-Tracs are] maintenance friendly and easy to work on … and they’re easy to get parts for … [Gyro-Trac is] contantly trying to improve things, making things better for the customer.”

Walter Oliver shares some of his 16 years as a Gyro-Trac customer.

Gyro-Trac appreciates Walter Oliver and Walter Oliver appreciates Gyro-Trac mulching machines. Through the years, Walter Oliver has helped Gyro-Trac learn the key questions that you may wish to ask when buying a mulching machine: “How much did that pile of mulch cost?” and “How long did it take to make it?” Productivity matters.

The foundation of Gyro-Trac’s superior performance begins with the new SABRE-TOOTH TECHNOLOGY. Gyro-Trac’s SABRE-TOOTH cutting technology improves on Gyro-Trac’s flagship “Planar” tooth platform. This new technology pulverizes wood into sawdust-like mulch while utilizing Less Weight, Less Energy and Less Fuel than any other cutting system in existence.

The small, rapidly bio-degradable mulch left behind creates a “Park-like effect” and it won’t wick fire. Our new SABRE-TOOTH design uses a wider tooth for better cutting coverage. Instead a single “rib” under the tooth to control the bite, we now use two control ribs, each with a knockout to allow the chip to curl into the relief with no resistance. We place a splitter block between the ribs to further reduce the size of the chip. The system is designed to self-clean, requiring less maintenance, but more importantly, the tooth relief is cleared for the next bite, meaning fewer clogs and more productivity. Replacing teeth is faster and easier too, as there is only one bolt to remove. The bolt holds a friction block wedge, so the bolt does not warp, making it easy to remove.

Add to this superior cutting technology a perfectly tuned hydraulic recipe, and you can understand how Gyro-Trac’s machines can mulch more wood with Less Weight, Less Horsepower and Less Fuel than any of our competitors.

Gyro-Trac’s lighter weight and lower ground pressure leaves soil structures intact, eliminating erosion and runoff pollution. Gyro-Trac’s ease, and sometimes even eliminate the permitting process. Feeder roots of neighboring “keeper” trees are not disturbed, saving them from dying due to root damage from heavier competitive machines … so with Gyro-Trac, the cost of replacing these trees is eliminated.

One of the best ways to illustrate all of the advantages that Gyro-Trac’s technology offers is refer to a competitive trial for mulching machines that the State of Florida conducted. It placed Gyro-Trac’s GT-25 XP mulching machine against a much heavier, far more expensive 450 horsepower carbide-tipped hammer tooth mulcher. That’s right. 270 horsepower against 450 horsepower. The Gyro-Trac out-performed the competitive machine more than 2 to 1, burning nearly half the fuel. Remember the key questions: “how much did that pile of mulch cost?” and “how long did it take to make it?” Productivity does matter. In the final analysis, the Gyro-Trac machines used less horsepower; used less fuel; it costs less; it weighs less making it easier and less expensive to transport; it’s gentler on soil structures, yet Gyro-Tracs are more aggressive in difficult terrain. The cost of teeth per hour is about the same, and the productivity is, at a minimum, 2 to 1 faster.

Worried about service? Learn about the NEXUS Service Platform and GT F.A.S.T. factory authorized service technician network here.

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