Performance Promise

“Given the same amount of fuel, horsepower, and weight Gyro-Trac’s Lean Green Mulching Machines will out- perform any other Rotary-drum Mulching Machine, Cutter-head Combination on the market, period.”


Gyro-Trac’s low-ground-pressure, high-speed LEAN GREEN MULCHING MACHINES will clear unwanted trees and underbrush in a safer, more environmentally friendly way. Gyro-Trac’s leave soil structures intact, eliminating erosion and runoff pollution. Gyro-Trac’s ease, and sometimes even eliminate the permitting process! Feeder roots of neighboring trees are not disturbed, saving the “keeper” trees from dying due to root damage, so the cost of replacing these trees is eliminated. Gyro-Trac equipment also eliminates burning and the added cost of hauling, dumping or chipping debris — some contractors have reported savings of over $3,000 per day! Gyro-Trac’s machines efficiently mulch trees and stumps right to the ground, creating a park-life effect leaving only a fine, highly desirable, rapidly bio-degradable, nutrient-rich mulch behind.

The state of Florida conducted a competitive trial for mulching machines which is one of the best ways to illustrate all of the advantages that Gyro-Trac’s technology offers. Gyro-Trac’s GT-25 XP mulching machine was chosen to compete against a much heavier and far more expensive 450 horsepower carbide-tipped hammer tooth mulcher. The Gyro-Trac mulching machine outperformed the competitive machine by more than two to one, while only consuming half of the fuel. The key questions you may wish to ask when buying a mulching machine are, “How much did that pile of mulch cost?” and “How long did it take to make it?” Productivity matters. Gyro-Trac mulching machines uses less horsepower, less weight and less fuel. Less weight makes it easier and less expensive to transport. Gyro-Tracs are gentle on soil structures, not crushing feeder roots of nearby “keeper” trees, yet they are aggressive in the difficult terrain. Our rapidly bio-degradable mulch leaves behind a “park-like” effect, and won’t wick fire.

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