Photo Contest Entry – Scrub Jay habitat – by Ben Palmer – 03/19/2017


Project Photos Name: Scrub Jay habitat
Equipment: GT-25
Description: My photo was taken at walk in the water state park
Benefits of Owning a Gyro-Trac: My GT-25 is the best I did this project when I work with Florida fish and wildlife the machine is the best thing out there the whole project took 3 days to clear 32 acres for scrub jay habitat this machine is fast and economical this machine never bog down and the teeth stage sharp the whole time and the only thing I had to do for this machine was fuel it and Grease it this machine is faster than anything I have ever used
Photo Entered by: Ben Palmer
Date Entered Contest: 03/19/2017



Gyro-Trac answers the questions that you’ll ask when deciding on buying our machine versus the competitor’s machine which are “How mulch did that mulch cost?” and “How long did it take to make it?”

The best way for us to illustrate the advantage of our Gyro-Trac technology is to refer to a competitive trial for mulching machines that the state of Florida conducted. The competitive trial pitted our GT-25XP a huge, heavy, expensive 450 horsepower carbide-tipped hammer tooth mulcher. That’s right. We put our 270 horsepower machine against a 450 horsepower machine. Our Gyro-Trac machine burned nearly half the fuel and outperformed our competitor two-to-one. We always ask the question “How much did that pile of mulch cost?” and “How long did it take to make it?”. Gyro-Trac delivers because productivity matters. Gyro-Trac’s are more aggressive in difficult terrain while gentle on the soil structure. Gyro-Trac’s are easier and less expensive to transport because they weigh less than any of our competitors. Gyro-Trac’s are the machines that use less horsepower and use less fuel to make us cost less than our competitors. Gyro-Trac has a two-to-one fast productivity (at the minimum) while having the cost of teeth per hour about the same.

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