1. Your Machine breaks down
  1. You contact Gyro-Trac’s NEXUS Service (GNS) Center with live, knowledgeable technicians available 7/24/7
  1. GNS walks you (or your operator,) through the steps to self-diagnose your machine using the onboard electronics and simple tools supplied with your machine
    • If available on your machine, NEXUS Touch operating on an iPad connected to the cloud through Wi-Fi or cellular can be the all-in-one communications and diagnostics tool, where we can see real-time engine and hydraulic systems data over the internet. (See NEXUS Touch, below for more detail.)
  1. If you need your machine back in service ASAP, and if generic parts are available, we will tell you so you can possibly source them that day. If you need or desire a genuine OEM part, we will expedite shipment as fast as next day, to get you back in business.


The common issue with new purchases from heavy equipment manufacturers with a dealer network is the delay in service. You may have to wait days or even weeks to get your machine back. You will most likely have to transport your machine to the nearest dealership, then wait before you problem is solved, many times, not even knowing what the problem is.

That means no revenue from that machine. No work for that employee. As difficult a scenario that is, it is unfortunately, a very common, very frustrating reality.

What if the problem with your machine was only a simple hydraulic valve that needed replaced, or an easy to replace electronic relay, and all that needed to happen was a fast diagnosis and access to information on where to get the part and how to replace it. You could have been back up and running in hours, not days or weeks.

Gyro-Trac is pleased to introduce a new service system that does exactly that – speeds up your service, empowering you with communication and information, fast access to parts – and even local service trucks in your area – to get you back up and running faster than any other brand in the business. With this new system, Gyro-Trac may revolutionize the way heavy equipment service is performed, especially warranty service.


The word NEXUS is defined as a connection linking two or more things. The central and most important point or place.

NEXUS Service Platform was inspired by NASA’s Apollo 13 moon mission, where a catastrophic explosion damaged the command module. The engineers and technicians that knew how to diagnose and fix the problem were all back at Mission Control, and the only way to save the crew was through rapid response – accurate, frequent communication. Soon, the astronauts were armed with information. They fixed the problem and got home.

The phrase “Houston, we have a problem,” made famous by subsequent films about the incident, explains how many of you may feel when your machine breaks down, and you’re in the dark about what’s wrong and how or when it will be fixed. Gyro-Trac understands that at times, you may feel like saying “Gyro-Trac, we have a problem.” Lives may not be at stake, but the life of your business is extremely important to you and your family, and to us.


NEXUS SERVICE for Warranty Work

For warranty work, the Gyro-Trac NEXUS Service Platform will cover the cost of your operator to diagnose and even make the repairs to your machine. It’s truly a win-win!

Worried that the problem may be so big or complex that you or your operator are not capable of making the repairs yourself? No problem! Gyro-Trac will work with the independent, local service technician of YOUR CHOICE! And we pay the bill.

Command and Control Technology with Real-time Cloud Connectivity.

nexusNEXUS Touch command and control technology is an application hosted on a touch screen iPad that connects the operator to the Gyro-Trac machine, the Gyro-Trac machine to remote experts, and remote experts to the operator – all in one, real-time NEXUS of Communication.

_N151060Connected to the Cloud through Wi-Fi and Cellular network platforms, each machine has its own IP – or internet address. It has its own Cellular number and Email Account. The engine, cutter-head, hydraulics, drive system and electronics are all connected to the Cloud in real time. Technical data and GPS plots are stored on the Cloud for instant recall and analysis. In real-time with NEXUS Touch, you can Monitor, Control, Troubleshoot, Diagnose, Communicate and Learn. You can even order parts online, right from the cab of the machine.

  • Hyper-speed, in-field diagnostics.
  • More rapid maintenance and repairs.
  • Less downtime.
  • Increased productivity and profits from your Gyro-Trac mulching machine.

Gyro-Trac NEXUS Touch Command and Control. Truly the Next Generation in Mulching Technology.