What Competitors Use

What Competitors Use

  • Decades ago, competitors moved from rotating / flail-type blades to blunt, cantilevered  hammer teeth on large drums that smash wood
  • This leaves large shreds of wood on the ground that can wick fire and take years to decompose – and it takes massive horsepower, weight & fuel to power these big cutterheads … these are still used by many contractors today
  • Many of the large competitive machines employ a prime mover tractor and place a third party cutter head on the machine – neither are built for each other – it is a retro-fit
  • These large, heavy machines are expensive, difficult and expensive to transport, and can cause significant soil rutting that causes runoff pollution – they also kill the feeder roots of nearby keeper trees, potentially causing significant added project costs after the project is finished


  • Cantilevered hammer teeth
  • Big shreds that wick fire, take years to bio-degrade
  • Uses more weight, horsepower and fuel
  • Weight ruts soils, causes runoff pollution
  • Higher cost machine
  • Higher cost, more complicated to transport
  • Higher cost per pile of mulch

What Makes Gyro-Trac's Better?

 What makes Gyro-Trac better?

  • Since the beginning, Gyro-Tracs have been built with an integrated machine-cutter head combination, designed for each other for a single-purpose: to mulch trees
  • Gyro-Trac’s innovative “planar” tooth set the industry standard, and is still in wide use today – it uses far less weight and less fuel, leaving behind a smaller, rapidly bio-degradeable “park-like” mulch behind that won’t wick fire
  • Gyro-Trac’s NEW Sabre-Tooth design is even more productive, leaving even smaller mulch behind, and is easier to maintain
  • Gyro-Tracs lower ground pressure machines will NOT rut soils as much, eliminating most runoff problems, and will NOT kill feeder roots of nearby keeper trees, saving tree replacement cost later on
  • The lighter Gyro-Trac machines are easier and cheaper to transport
  • Contractors have reported that Gyro-Tracs are 2-3 times more productive that even larger competitor machines.
  • THE BOTTOM LINE: Gyro-Trac’s produce a pile of mulch for less total cost

Is it easier to chop down a tree with sharp blade like an axe, than with a blunt hammer.