Gyro-Trac. The Titan of Land Clearing Technology NOW With NEXUS Touch Command and Control

Introducing Gyro-Trac’s NextGen Technologies.


Command and Control Technology with Real-time Cloud Connectivity.

NEXUS Touch command and control technology is an application hosted on a touch screen iPad that connects the operator to the Gyro-Trac machine, the Gyro-Trac machine to remote experts, and remote experts to the operator – all in one, real-time NEXUS of Communication.

Connected to the Cloud through WI-FI and Cellular network platforms, each machine has its own IP – or internet address. It has its own Cellular number and Email Account. The engine, cutter-head, hydraulics, drive system and electronics are all connected to the Cloud in real time. Technical data and GPS plots are stored on the Cloud for instant recall and analysis. In real-time with NEXUS Touch, you can Monitor, Control, Troubleshoot, Diagnose, Communicate and Learn. You can even order parts online, right from the cab of the machine.

  • Hyper-speed, in-field diagnostics.
  • More rapid maintenance and repairs.
  • Less downtime.
  • Increased productivity and profits from your Gyro-Trac mulching machine.

Gyro-Trac NEXUS Touch Command and Control. Truly the Next Generation in Mulching Technology.



Pulverizes Wood into Sawdust.
Powerful. Self-Cleaning. TITAN.

Gyro-Trac’s SABRE-TOOTH TITAN cutting technology improves on Gyro-Trac’s flagship “Planar” tooth platform.

  • Less Weight.
  • Less Energy.
  • Less Fuel.
  • Gyro-Trac mulch won’t wick fire
  • Small mulch leaves behind a “Park-like effect”
  • Fine mulch rapidly Bio-degrades
  • Wider tooth for better cutting coverage
  • Controlled bite – new design with two ribs under tooth
  • Knockout relief behind tooth for chip to curl easily
  • Splitter block point splits the chip into smaller mulch
  • Self-cleaning effect clearing tooth for next cut
  • ONLY 1 Bolt to Replace Tooth
  • Bolt holds a friction block wedge so bolt will not warp

The leading attribute in Gyro-Trac’s successful performance starts with our newly implemented Sabre-Tooth Technology. Gyro-Trac’s past flagship “Planar” tooth platform has now been replaced by our pulverizing Sabre-Tooth Technology which will cut your wood into sawdust-like mulch.

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