Gyro-Trac Corporation Announces NEW WEBSITE!

Summerville, SC, USA – Gyro-Trac Corporation announces new website. Built on WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), the site utilizes a highly customized version of the theme SALIENT, from Theme Nectar. Designed and built by DCI Marketing Group, the website hosts a complex product showcase, featuring a tab system for clean navigation and easy access to machine information.

The site also has a Dealer Portal, Dealer Locator, a video testimonials section, also produced by DCI, and a fully integrated WooCommerce e-commerce platform . . . all designed to better serve Gyro-Trac’s customers, prospects and dealers with efficient access to information and resources.

DCI chose to work with Gyro-Trac because they saw the superior performance that Gyro-Trac brings. With Gyro-Trac’s new Sabre-Tooth Technology, Gyro-Trac is able to continually innovate their products. Gyro-Trac is able to use their Sabre-Tooth technology to pulverize wood into sawdust-like mulch, outperforming their past “Planar” tooth platform. Gyro-Trac stays with its promise of Less Weight, Less Energy, and Less Fuel to destroy competition in any other cutting system in existence. Gyro-Trac created the new Sabre-Tooth keeping in mind a design scheme with wider teeth to create a better cutting coverage.

With this leading cutting technology we’ve added hydraulic recipe which is tuned to perfection. After seeing all of this, their is no wonder how Gyro-Trac machines are able to mulch more wood with Less Weight, Less Horsepower, and Less Fuel than any competitors on the market.

Gyro-Trac is able to eliminate erosion and run-off pollution through its use of lighter weight and lower ground, leaving soil structures intact.

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