GT25XP Mulches an 8 ft. Diameter Petrified Oak

By November 10, 2016General Blog, Testimonials, Videos

The GT25XP Mulches eight foot petrified oak trees without a single issue.

“They don’t come no better … it’s the baddest thing you’ll ever see.” 

Ricky Powel, a GT25XP owner shares his experience with Gyro-Trac.

Gyro-Trac is proud to have Ricky Powel as a customer and Ricky Powel is proud to have Gyro-Trac to back him up.  The best way for us to illustrate the advantage of our Gyro-Trac techonology is to refer to a competitive trial for mulchines that the state of Florida conducted. The competitive trial pitted our GT-25XP a huge, heavy, expensive 450 horsepower carbide-tipped hammer tooth mulcher. That’s right. We put our 270 horsepower machine against a 450 horsepower machine. Our Gyro-Trac machine burned nearly half the fuel and outperformed our competitor two-to-one. We always ask the question “How much did that pile of mulch cost?” and “How long did it take to make it?”. Gyro-Trac delivers because productivity matters. Gyro-Trac’s are more aggressive in difficult terrain while gentle on the soil structure. Gyro-Trac’s are easier and less expensive to transport because they weigh less than any of our competitors. Gyro-Trac’s are the machines that use less horsepower and use less fuel to make us cost less than our competitors. Gyro-Trac has a two-to-one fast productivity (at the minimum) while having the cost of teeth per hour about the same.

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