GT-25XP Steel Track

Heavy Duty Mulcher

Features & Specs

  • Muscular, Good 270 HP Cummins Tier-III Turbo Diesel
  • Powerful hyydraulic pumps & motors and our lastest patented Cutter-head technology.
  • Low-profile Fully Enclosed Forward-tilt Cab
  • Presurized Cab w/Comfortable Suspension Seat
  • Best in Class, Patented “Sabre Tooth” Cutting Technology – Pulverizes Wood into Sawdust
  • Patented Spiral Tooth Pattern, Creating Vacuum-like Effect
  • Dual Control Ribs to Control Cutting Bite, with Knockout Relief and Spliter Point to Expel and Refine Mulch
  • Hydraulic Cutter Head Guide Bar Extends to Assist Felling Trees
  • Six Exterior Lights & 15,000 lb. Winch
  • Expands capability where the rubber track makes the job an issue.
  • Best choice for land clearing applications where rough job-site conditions is more conductive to steel tracks.



With the GT-25XP Steel Track Heavy Duty Mulcher,  you will cut more wood in less time than with any competitor in its class. With the Rugged Steel Track option, PRODUCTIVITY,  PERFORMANCE & PROFITABILITY will become the hallmarks of your business. Call for a demonstration today, and experience Gyro-Trac’s Performance Promise with the GT-25XP Steel Track Heavy Duty Mulcher.

Florida conducted a competitive trial for muclhing machines which has become one of the best ways to illustrate all of the advanatages that Gyro-Trac’s technology offers. Our GT-25 XP was chose to compete against a much heavier and expensive 450 horsepower carbide-tipped hammer tooth mulcher. We put our 270 horsepower against 450 horsepower, but guess who won? Our Gyro-Trac machine outperformed the competitive machine more than two to one, burning nearly healf the fuel. The key questions are, “How much did that pile of mulch cost?” and “How long did it take to make it?” Productivity matters and that is why Gyro-Trac matters. The Gyro-Trac machine uses less horsepower in the final analysis. Our Gyro-Tracs weigh less and it makes it easier and less expensive to transport. Gyro-Tracs are gentle on soil structures and they are aggressive in the difficult terrain. The productive is, at a minimum, two to one faster while the cost of teeth per hour is the same.


Overall Length: 234 in (594 cm)
Overall Width: 102¼ in ( 260 cm)
Overall Height: 110 in (279 cm)
Operating Weight: 30,000 lbs (13,607Kg)
Ground Pressure: 5.5 psi (39 kPa)
Ground Clearance: 14½ in (37 cm)


Make: Cummins 6-cylinder diesel
Model: QSB 6.7L Tier III
Horsepower: 270 hp @ 2200 RPM
Torque: 728 ft LBS (987 N m) @ 1500 RPM
Cooling System: Ethylene Glycol/Water
Cooling Capacity: 5.5 US gal. (21 liters)
Operating Temp: 185°F (85°C)
Pressure: 16 psi (110 kPa atmosphere)


Capacity: 97 US gal. (367 liters)


Hydraulic Tank: 60 US gal. (227 liters)
- Dual Traction Motors
- Dual Traction Pumps
- Series: 90
- Ratio: Variable Infinite


The multi-disc brake integrated in the gear unit is the parking brake and is kept constantly closed by springs.


Ratio: 1.4:1


The undercarriage is designed for fit to the GT-25XP frame.
It consists of a central chassis and two side chassis specifically sized for the GT-25XP machine.
The central chassis is flanged by means of bolts.


Steel Construction
ISO 8082 & CSA B352.0 (Roll Over Protection System): ROPS
ISO 8083 & G608 (Fall Object Protection system): FOPS
ISO 8084 (Operator Protection System): OPS
Forward Tilt Cab Jack: Raised Cab Electric-Motor Pump
Windows: Lexan MR-10
Seat: Adjustable Suspension w/Armrest & Seat Belt
HVAC: 3-Speed, Positive Pressure


Maximum rpm: 2350 rpm
Number of Teeth: 30 Fixed
Weight: 5180 lbs. (2355 Kg)
Dual Rotor Motors
Dual Rotor Pumps
Operating Pressure: 6000 psi (41369 kPa)

Gyro-Trac’s SABRE-TOOTH TITAN cutting technology - PULVERIZES Wood into Sawdust-like Mulch.

The new SABRE-TOOTH design is the NEXT GENERATION of "disruptive technology," improving on Gyro-Trac's Planar tooth.

  • It begins with a WIDER TOOTH, held in place with a WEDGED FRICTION BLOCK, taking all the force off of the single bolt. THAT'S RIGHT! Only one bolt to quickly and easily replace worn teeth.
  • The CONTROLLED BITE is now achieved with TWO instead of one control rib under the tooth.
  • The distance between control ribs is wider.
  • The KNOCK-OUT RELIEF that reduces resistance by allowing the wood chip to curl into the relief, now has a SPLIT BLOCK strategically placed to SPLIT THE CHIP and further REDUCE the size of the wood chip.
  • This new design creates a SELF-CLEANING effect, clearing the tooth for the next bite.

Along with a perfectly tuned hydraulic recipe, you can now understand how Gyro-Trac machines can mulch more wood with Less Weight, Less Energy and Less Fuel than any of our competitors. You can also understand how the smallest mulch in the business leaves behind that famous, Gyro-Trac "Park-Like effect," and the fine, rapidly biodegradable mulch just simply Won’t Wick Fire, making a Gyro-Trac the perfect machine for cutting fire breaks.

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