East Coast Right of Way Maintenance – Rail Crossings Lines of Sight

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“We take down everything and anything with the Gyro-Trac … Gyro-Trac has made our business much more profitable … Gyro-Trac is the only thing that is going to hold up … the company is very happy, the Railroad is very happy. “

East Coast Right of Way discusses its contract with the Norfolk-Southern Railroad, using Gyro-Tracs to clear lines of sight at railroad crossings.

Gyro-Trac is proud to haveEast Coast Right-of-Way as a customer and East Coast Right-of-Way is happy with their fleet of Gyro-Trac GT-25XP Mulching Machines – and so are the railroads where East Coast cuts lines of sight are rail crossings.

The foundation of Gyro-Trac’s superior performance begins with the new SABRE-TOOTH TECHNOLOGY. Gyro-Trac’s SABRE-TOOTH cutting technology improves on Gyro-Trac’s flagship “Planar” tooth platform. This new technology pulverizes wood into sawdust-like mulch while utilizing Less Weight, Less Energy and Less Fuel than any other cutting system in existence.

The small, rapidly bio-degradable mulch left behind creates a “Park-like effect” and it won’t wick fire. Our new SABRE-TOOTH design uses a wider tooth for better cutting coverage. Instead a single “rib” under the tooth to control the bite, we now use two control ribs, each with a knockout to allow the chip to curl into the relief with no resistance. We place a splitter block between the ribs to further reduce the size of the chip. The system is designed to self-clean, requiring less maintenance, but more importantly, the tooth relief is cleared for the next bite, meaning fewer clogs and more productivity. Replacing teeth is faster and easier too, as there is only one bolt to remove. The bolt holds a friction block wedge, so the bolt does not warp, making it easy to remove.

Add to this superior cutting technology a perfectly tuned hydraulic recipe, and you can understand how Gyro-Trac’s machines can mulch more wood with Less Weight, Less Horsepower and Less Fuel than any of our competitors.

Productivity matters, and Gyro-Trac’s mulching machines produce rapidly bio-degradable mulch that leaves behind a “park-like” effect and won’t wick fire.

Worried about service? Learn about our NEXUS Service Platform and GT F.A.S.T. factory authorized service technician network here.

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