Welcome to the About Us for Gyro-Trac. Gyro-Trac developed its equipment from a history of clearing land in some of the most demanding terrain in the world today. We had to learn how to clear land quickly, inexpensively and without disturbing soil structures. The name Gyro-Trac is now synonymous with Lean, Green Mulching Machines built with purpose to literally turn trees and underbrush into mulch in minutes.

Gyro-Trac’s North American headquarters is located in the southeastern United States; near Charleston, S.C. Gyro-Trac is continuing to develop its reputation for customer service and support. The background and experience of our parts/service and support team is committed to the importance of keeping your equipment up and running at its full capacity and with our internal troubleshooting and information database, we can get your equipment back up and running in a timely manner.

“How long did it take to make the mulch?”, “How much did that pile of mulch cost?”; These are the questions that customers ask before purchasing a Gyro-Trac machine over our competitor’s machines.

“Given the same amount of fuel, horsepower, and weight Gyro-Trac’s Lean Green Mulching Machines will outperform any other Rotary-drum, Mulching Machine, Cutter-head combination on the market, period.”

Gyro-Trac’s low ground pressure, high-speed mulching machines will clear unwanted trees and underbrush in a safer, more environmentally friendly way. You can complete the job faster and unlike bulldozers that tear up soils, Gyro-Trac’s mulching machines leave soil structures intact, eliminating erosion and runoff pollution. Gyro-Trac eases and sometimes even eliminates the “permit process!” Feeder roots of neighboring trees are not disturbed, saving the “Keeper” trees from dying due to root damage, so the cost of replacing trees is eliminated. Gyro-Trac equipment also eliminates burning and the added cost of hauling, dumping, or chipping debris—some contractors have reported savings of over $2000 per day! Gyro-Trac machines efficiently mulch trees and stumps right to the ground, creating a park-like effect, leaving only a fine, highly desirable, nutrient-rich mulch behind.