Minus 35 Degrees Celsius – Cold!

By December 21, 2016General Blog

Minus 35 Degrees C and the GT-35 is Running Great!

Now that it is getting hot, we thought you might enjoy a little cooler picture! This photograph was taken in Nordegg, Alberta just before Christmas!

The best way for us to illustrate the advantage of our Gyro-Trac technology is to refer to a competitive trial for mulchines that the state of Florida conducted. The competitive trial pitted our GT-25XP a huge, heavy, expensive 450 horsepower carbide-tipped hammer tooth mulcher. That’s right. We put our 270 horsepower machine against a 450 horsepower machine. Our Gyro-Trac machine burned nearly half the fuel and outperformed our competitor two-to-one. We always ask the question “How much did that pile of mulch cost?” and “How long did it take to make it?”. Gyro-Trac delivers because productivity matters. Gyro-Trac’s are more aggressive in difficult terrain while gentle on the soil structure. Gyro-Trac’s are easier and less expensive to transport because they weigh less than any of our competitors. Gyro-Trac’s are the machines that use less horsepower and use less fuel to make us cost less than our competitors. Gyro-Trac has a two-to-one fast productivity (at the minimum) while having the cost of teeth per hour about the same.

Gyro-Trac eliminates erosion and run-off pollution by using the lighter weight and lower ground pressure to leave soil structures intact. Gyro-Trac sometimes is even able to eliminate the permitting process through the ease of the machinery. Gyro-Trac is able to save the ‘keeper’ trees from dying due to root damage (like our heavier competitive machines would allow) and the feeder roots of neighboring trees are not disturbed in the process. The cost of replacing trees is eliminated when you chose Gyro-Trac over the competitors.

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